“Sanjeev’s insights… reveal a much deeper level of understanding of the power of our conscious and unconscious thoughts.”

Deepak Chopra, M.D. world-renowned authority in the field of mind-body healing and best-selling author.

How healthy is your workplace?

  • Are your employees happy?
  • Do they enjoy their work?
  • Are they getting the most out of their lives?
  • Are they happy and fulfilled at work and at home?

If you answered No to most of these questions, what would your workplace look and feel like if your employees were actually living the life of their dreams? And what if you could help make that happen?

Did you know that happy, healthy and fulfilled employees are:

  • Less likely to miss work?
  • More productive, innovative and creative?
  • More likely to view work as a joy than an obligation?

What if you could:

  • Give your employees the tools to fulfil their life’s potential?
  • Help empower your employees to live the life of their dreams?

Imagine your workplace. Now imagine your workplace filled with happy, healthy, and passionate people.

The possibilities are endless!

But as an employer, you already know that real, long-lasting employee morale doesn’t come easy. Sometimes inspiration following a seminar or course only actually lasts for a few days.

So what’s the secret?

Real, authentic, long-term employee engagement comes from each and every employee experiencing a true personal transformation, and living it. Every day, day after day.

Just as employers offer technical training sessions to improve employees’ skills,
The Thought Transformation workshops offer skills for life!”

Sanjeev Verma

The Thought Transformation workshop gives your employees the tools they need to enjoy:

  • Better working relationships
  • Strong self-confidence
  • A healthy response to stress through meditation
  • Fulfilling relationships at home and at work
  • Improved mental and physical health

“My focus is good mental health, especially managing stress in the workplace.
This holistic approach makes a world of difference to our whole well-being.”

Sanjeev Verma

How will The Thought Transformation workshop affect my workplace?

After attending The Thought Transformation workshop, your employees will:

  • Be excited to come to work
  • Want to work for you
  • Feel empowered, as they march confidently toward their goals
  • Remain calm under pressure, because they’ll know how to handle stress
  • Get more work done, in less time
  • Enjoy higher morale
  • Become more creative problem solvers
  • Generate new ideas
  • Enjoy real happiness at home and at work

“The Thought Transformation workshop is an investment in your business because it directly and positively impacts employee productivity and engagement, which in turn affects your bottom line!” – Sanjeev Verma

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