Stress in the workplace

Every workplace can be stressful at times. But when employees experience too much stress, for too long, it can have a negative effect on their health, their happiness, their productivity and their relationships with their co-workers.

The consequences of too much stress:

  • Poor productivity
  • Negative influence on co-workers
  • Negative heart health
  • Mental, emotional and physical problems
  • Stroke, depression, anxiety and high blood pressure
  • And now even cancer is now thought to be stress-related

So what can we do to reduce stress?

Tuned to Thrive!

At a deep level, your subconscious mind is affected by energetic frequencies. TUNE IN to positive energy and you will attract more positive energy. Conversely, you can also TUNE OUT negative energy, which is like weeds in the gardens of our minds. In other words, you can TUNE your mind to thrive in life!

Thought becomes reality

We are energetic beings. We are all a part of one vibrating body. We are all connected to each other and to the universal energy that connects us. On an energetic level it is quite simple and logical that what we create in our minds is what we will manifest in our lives.

So why can’t I transform my negative work environment into a positive one?

On a subconscious level, most people are half-way there. Intuitively, we know that positive thoughts are better than negative thoughts. We even feel better when we think positive thoughts.

But if your mental field is full of deeply-rooted negative thoughts, your little seedlings of positivity won’t have a chance to grow. Your life won’t change and you’ll become frustrated when nothing happens. Or you’ll experience only small success, but that big thing, the thing you really want, never happens.

True positivity is the solution, but you can’t fake it.

Thoughts that are externally motivated and planted in your mind through conscious effort are only superficial and temporary. Like annuals you plant with hope in the spring, only to watch die when the first frost hits in the fall. The Missing Link techniques are like perennials that bloom every year, and only get stronger.


The Key to “having it all”!!!

This powerful seminar empowers you to manage your own well-being so that you can become more successful, happy, healthy and peaceful.

Everything you’ve ever wanted is within your grasp. Through the knowledge you’ll learn in The Thought Transformation workshop, the life of your dreams really is just around the corner!

“Implementing the ancient techniques you’ll learn in The Thought Transformation workshop is easy. You don’t need to make major changes in your life. In fact, these practices will fit nicely into your life. In all of my workshops, each and every participant has experienced results in their lives. I want to help you live your BEST life!” – Sanjeev Verma

Sanjeev’s simple easy to do guided meditation techniques will teach you how to internally alter your thoughts so that positivity becomes effortless. Once this happens, your life will literally change before your eyes!

Sanjeev would also teach you instant mood lifting, 1minute anxiety busting, 2minutes energy boosting, 5minutes extreme relaxation techniques and many other techniques for building self esteem and confidence.

Guided  meditation is an ancient technique used to balance the mind, settle our thoughts, reduce anxiety and slow our breathing.

In the workplace, the benefits of meditation include:

  • Higher productivity
  • More creativity
  • Clear and focused mind
  • More enthusiasm
  • Less illness
  • Less absenteeism
  • Increased feelings of gratitude
  • Innovation
  • A healthier response to stress

Meditation techniques are a key component of The Thought Transformation workshops!

You’ll become one of ‘those’ people

You know, the lucky person who seems to ‘has it all’. Everything they touch turns to gold. Opportunities fall from the sky and land squarely on their doorsteps. The happy, healthy, and prosperous person surrounded by loving relationships.

Ever wonder what your life would be like if that person was YOU?

The Thought Transformation Workshop offers you total access to the life of your dreams, in ALL aspects.

Imagine finally moving into your dream home. Falling deeply in love in your dream relationship. Feeling healthy, looking great and feeling good about the number on the bathroom scale. Or maybe for you it’s more about having peace and serenity in your life.

Flexible Formats

Thought Transformation – Lunch & Learn (1 hour)

You’ll learn how to:

  • Get along with your co-workers
  • Get a co-worker to get along with you (without even speaking to them)
  • Manage workplace stress
  • Really enjoy your work
  • Thrive in your workplace
  • And more!

Thought Transformation – One-Day Workshop (6 hours)

Participants can attend the entire one-day workshop, or a half-day workshop depending on their needs and availability.

In the morning session (3 hours), you will learn:

  • How to harness the power of your thoughts
  • How karma affects us all
  • The powerful role destiny plays in our lives
  • How to tap into your consciousness
  • The negative consequences of stress

In the afternoon session (3 hours), you will learn:

  • Guided meditation techniques
  • Instant mood lifting
  • One minute anxiety busting
  • Two minute energy boosting
  • Five minute extreme relaxation techniques
  • Techniques for building self esteem and confidence
  • And much more..

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